What Is CLRT?

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Most practitioners have their favorite trusty techniques that, while sometimes effective, may fall short or produce unintended consequencesUnnecessary medication or surgery can lead to patient side effects or lengthy, painful healing. Many bodywork techniques take a huge toll on the providerand can lead to practitioner burnout or their own musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, making their chosen career, and life in generaldifficult. Adjustments or treatments may not hold, leading patients to drop out of care when it becomes cost- or time- prohibitive.



With CLRT, you can effortlessly make trigger points vanishmuscles relaxpain diminish, and stuck joints increase their range of motion – all within a matter of seconds. Watch your patients’ jaws dropas referral rates skyrocket! CLRT can be easily and effectively integrated into your existing clinical repertoire or offered as a standalone service.




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Live Workshop Course Content

Introduction/The Scientific Basis of CLRT
Coherent Light and the Cerebral Cortex
Photobiomodulation Basics and Safety
CLRT: How to Perform the Technique
Cranial Adjusting Basics: By Hand, Pen, or Instrument
Protocols for Immediate Relief and Functional Improvements
Special Clinical Applications


Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT)