Live Workshop

In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn how:

  • to significantly reduce pain almost instantly
  • to make trigger points, spasms, and muscle tension reduce

           with no discomfort to patient or practitioner

  • cranial stresses affect muscle tension, subluxations, and pain
  • the body responds to coherent light
  • to maximize clinical results and adjustment effectiveness
  • to dramatically increase patient satisfaction and referral rates

Plus:  Hands-on practice with peer and expert feedback

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Dr. Wise presents in a live training


Course Outline

Introduction/The Scientific Basis of CLRT
Coherent Light and the Cerebral Cortex
Photobiomodulation Basics and Safety
CLRT: How to Perform the Technique
Cranial Adjusting Basics: By Hand, Pen, or Instrument
CLRT Protocols for Immediate Relief and Specific Functional Improvements
Special Clinical Applications
Additional Hands-On Practice/Q & A