From Patients

I have dealt with tenderness and decreased range of motion for years in my right shoulder from years of playing a one-sided sport, lifting weights, and adjusting patients in my chiropractic office.  Dr. Wise used his Cranial Laser Reflex Technique on me and I noticed less tenderness and improved range of motion within seconds.  It was truly amazing!


– Dr. G.O., SC

Following a sustained period of extreme stress, the nerves in my leg seemed to go haywire which affected my ability to walk. The doctor suspected a problem in the lumbar spine. A brief laser treatment to the L1 to L5 spots on my cranium resulted in a spontaneous elimination of all symptoms.

A true miracle!!!


– P.L., DC

I am continually amazed at the immediate pain control of my LBP with CLRT.  My balance is much better.  I am able to stand in place without swaying or holding on.  I stood holding a giant umbrella in the wind and hard rain for 45 minutes on uneven ground without any problem!  Amazing!!  It has been at least a couple of years since I was able to do that.


– Dr. F.G., SC


From Practitioners

I have integrated the technique on the majority of my patients and gotten some amazing results.  After about a minute of CLRT, [my new patient] reported 90% reduction in tenderness and could move much more freely. He was amazed as was I. He returned for follow up 3 days later noting no pain whatsoever. Unbelievable.

– Dr. B.A., IA

I am amazed at the results. Yesterday I tried it on 5 patients and all of them improved drastically. My own arm and neck have never felt better. I have just started the DVD’s . Results can only get better. Thank you on behalf of my patients and myself.

This is truly revolutionary.


– J.V., Netherlands


All I can say is: it’s amazing!  I have attended countless workshops and seminars in my 11 years of practice… Over the years there are certain “gems” I have picked up along the way – this one is a diamond. This work will certainly play a key role for me and my patients from this point forward. Thank you so, so, so much.

– Dr. R.N., Canada

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